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I am the Technical Leader of core business applications at Université catholique de Louvain. I’m daily busy with enterprise software issues, coordinating a team of developers to deliver solutions that last logger and are easy to evolve. Previously, I was a Java Architect in the same institution.

The main purpose of this blog is to share with you the technical knowledge that I’ve been accumulating over the years. When I write a post that is really useful for someone I get very happy, so sharing my knowledge is my main hobby.

In my previous professional experience, working for Intrasoft International, I have been working as a System Architect for Service-Oriented Applications. In my academic experience, doing master at Université catholique Louvain, Belgium, I have contributed to the field of Enterprise Engineering by developing an alternative and cost effective model for business process and IT alignment from a user interaction perspective. Doing PhD at the same university, I have contributed to the field of multimedia by proposing a workflow for multimedia processing, from production to archiving, where media companies can adapt their content to the web, including indexation and search capabilities.

I have an extensive background on Java Technologies, with more than 10 years of experience, developing desktop and web applications for a variety of businesses. However, I recently received a wakeup call from the functional paradigm urging me to rethink my concepts and reshape my brain to work more in a functional way. I’ve realised that technologies such as Enterprise Java Beans (EJB 3), Java Persistence API (JPA2), Java Server Faces (JSF2) and others were pushing me back on the way of designing good software architectures. Now, I’m heavily practising Scala, Clojure and Python to widely open my architectural capabilities.

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  1. Architecture Certifications

    Hi Hildeberto ,
    I came across your blog posts and your profile. Being a technical architect I wanted to connect with you to get some guidance on architecture certifications. From your vast experience of being an architect I would appreciate if you could share your inputs on laying out a path to better my skills as an architect. I have over 10 years of experience in building java ee based web applications and would like to improve by doing some certifications.
    I had a look at SEI’s architecture certification program but they don’t seem have the complete course through eLearning. Oracle java architecture certifications include some outdated technologies like EJB’s. These were some of the certifications I had a look at.

    Looking forward to connect with you.


    1. Hello Amit,

      If there is one thing I can’t help you at all with is certifications. I don’t like them because they constraint the freedom an architect should have to design a good architecture. For instance, if I get a JavaEE 6 Architect certification but my client asked me to propose a solution for long running processes I will be forced to look outside of the JavaEE box and propose Spring Batch. In a situation like this, that happens very often, the certification was useless because Spring is not covered in that certification path.

      Unless your local market requires certifications to hire you, I don’t recommend them at all. You would make a better use of your money by paying for a Safari Books Online subscription and have full access to thousands of relevant books, courses and videos. Then, use all your free time to dive into that pool of knowledge. You will gain confidence and will open your mind for better architectures than the ones offered as a package by the JavaEE specification.

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