Books are among my greatest passions. I buy more books than I can possibly read. I read books in a daily basis, but I know I will never catch up because I can’t help buying more and more. Here I share with you my reading experience. Come back whenever you need a reading recommentation.

What I’m Reading

Your Code as a Crime Scene by Adam Tornhill

It explains how to use forensic techniques to arrest defects, bottlenecks, and bad design in our programmes.

Latest Review

Programming Beyond Practices by Gregory T. Brown

Excellent book! Quite thin but valuable. The author explores the topics, which go from requirements discovery and rapid prototyping to business analysis and design for maintainability, describing real world situations. It is in the same category of The Phoenix Project and The Goal, but with more technical details and organized in short stories, instead of a long novel.


My bookshelf is organized chronologically, from the most recently read to the oldest one. I try to compile here my favority books, the ones I’ve enjoyed reading and would certainly recommend to you.

Other Books