What is Yougi?

Yougi (Pronunce: yoojee) is an application conceived to manage online user groups of any kind and domain. It was originally conceived and developed by the CEJUG Community. Now, the project is growing and becoming a relevant open source project in an international level.

After two years of continuous development, Yougi has consolidated its mission of managing, promoting and spreading knowledge produced by a community of members sharing the same interests and passions. The project goes beyond services for communities and extends its impact to other areas such as education, economical competitiveness and generation of opportunities. Since the application was made available as free and open software, several technical questions are actually addressed by examples extracted from Yougi’s source code. Beginners and professionals learn how to program and use the platform by studing how the application was developed.

What can Yougi do for my user group?

Yougi’s more important feature so far is the membership management. It controls the entire member’s lifecycle, from the registration to the cancelation and even expulsion if necessary. It generates statistics to help leaders to make better decisions, such as what really atracts new members and how engaged members are to the user group’s initiatives.

In addition to that, Yougi manages events of any scale, from small meetings to large conferences. It also manages the knowledge of the group, by indexing blog posts and messages sent to mailing lists using tags.

Yougi needs your help to do much more useful things for user groups. Get engaged!

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