Yougi is developed and maintained by passionate people who are used to do, in a daily basis and for several years, what the application does today and what it is planned to do tomorrow for communities out there.


There are three roles in our community:

  1. Leaders lead the community, define the strategy and the rules to be followed by the community
  2. Committers work on the project according to the rules defined by the project owners
  3. Contributors make concrete contributions to the project but not so frequent to be considered a committer.


The following rules are applied to the roles above:

  1. To become a contributor, you may send your initial contributions as pull requests. Once the contribution is received and considered, your name is added to the list above.
  2. It’s necessary to post a minimum of 3 contributions within a month to become a Committer. This way, we can judge how engaged you are on the project.
  3. To preserve the role of Committer, you need to do at least a commit every 6 months. At the end of the six months, if no commit was done, the committer becomes inactive.
  4. To preserve the role of Contributor, you need to do at least 1 contribution every 6 months. At the end of the six months, if no contribution was done, the contributor becomes inactive.
  5. Every commit should be motivated by an existing issue listed in the issue tracker. For example, when writing the commit message, put “Issue #23:” at the beginning of the message to reference the issue number 23. Do it when the commit contributes to the issue, but it doesn’t completely solve the issue yet. If the commit solves the issue then put “Fixed #23:” at the beginning to automatically close the issue #23 when pushing the commit to the origin.