The documentation of the project is written in two distinct places. The texts that describe the functionalities are published in this website, subsections of documentation. All technical texts are written in Markdown and published on our wiki at GitHub. These are the best reference available to know more about the application.

Some important tips:

  • You don’t necessarily need to learn all about Markdown at first. You can learn by example, copying and pasting existing formatted text according to your needs.
  • Spend some time reading the documentation to figure out the writing style adopted by the authors. Do your best to follow the same style.
  • Always write original content and never copy and paste content from other sources on the Internet. Reviewers will always try to find similar sentences elsewhere to avoid plagiarism.
  • Write thinking about the readers. They may not know what you know about the application, thus try to be as direct and clear as possible to effectively help them to understand Yougi.