Monday, December 10, 2007: The first day, the first CEJUG experience in a JavaPolis edition. But, before starting, I would like to say that Antwerp is a really nice city, a good mix of a calm city and a big one. We can feel the Belgian peace of mind and kindness in all places here. Even not understanding the language (Flemish), it’s relatively easy to use the public transportation and go to the conference venue. Anyway, if you have problems, everybody is able to speak English and help you.As you already know, the conference was sold out. All slots are in. So, I expected a crowded place, difficult to walk and find people. Fortunately, it is not true. The place is incredible, comfortable, beautiful and really appropriate to support the JavaPolis dimension.

DSCN1496-300x225.jpg Stephan, the JavaPolis organizer, talked in the Parleys Press news about the main attractions. This year, JavaPolis attracted about 10% more visitants than 2006. It shows the consolidation of the conference as a permanent schedule in your agenda, and it shows also a constant increasing of size, quality, importance and responsibility.

The most explored topic is Java Enterprise Edition (JEE). I tried to imagine the relationship between JEE and the Star Wars theme. So, see the list below:

  • People feel like a JEDI when they are programming JEE applications.
  • JEE and Spring are stars and they are in a war field.
  • JEE is incredible for ones and unbelievable for others.
  • When people move from J2EE to JEE, actually, they are changing only the type of war: from a medieval and hard to a intergalactic and fun one.

What is also cool is the presence of the Java’s father, James Gosling (We can call him Master Yoda as well). He will be there on Wednesday. It is a good opportunity to improve our Jedi skills. We will have two big James’ meetings. The first one is about the current state of the Java universe and the second one is a Q&A session, where people can ask almost everything.

It is all for now!! See you tomorrow!