Next week, I will attend Javapolis, the biggest Java conference in Europe and the biggest Java User Group (JUG) conference around the world! The conference will be in Antwerp, Belgium, from December 10 to 14, 2007. It will be a great opportunity to meet people, to be up-to-date with the last Java technologies, have fun with wonderful Belgian biers and the most important thing: keep the CEJUG community connected virtually with that global event. It is a serious compromise with my JUG, which I’m proud to be one of the leaders.What I will do, basically, is to post news about Javapolis daily in the CEJUG website ( and in this blog. The CEJUG content will be more journalistic, I mean, just saying facts, technologies, curiosities, etc, about the event. On the other hand, the blog will have an informal approach, where my opinion and personal emotions will be evident.

I started to plan my participation in the conference, as you can see in the picture below:


I’m using a special CEJUG t-shirt edition, created by Silveira Neto, one of the most active members of our Brazilian community. He is a technical guy with special talents in arts, as you can see in my back. At that moment, I was visiting the Javapolis website and checking the schedule to organize my agenda.

So, you are invited to visit my blog and the CEJUG website every day to follow the conference virtually. I promise I will do my best!