I wrote about the extreme usability era some days ago. After that I have seen new evidences of this trend out there. The one that drew my attention these days is illustrated in the video below.

This video was presented during CEJUG‘s birthday by Maurício Leal, Sun Microsystems, to illustrate the revolution that is coming through devices. Will Java run on those devices? Actually, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the increasing responsibility you have to give more and more attention to final users.

The beginning of this revolution is clearly visible on the market, every time we see a differentiated attention given to final technology consumers. The most expressive example is the remarkable success of the iPhone, Apple’s top seller product. It achieved an impressive mark of 270.000 units sold in less than two days of sales. iPhone was the product that put Apple in the competitive mobility market, disputing the leadership with well established companies like Motorola and Nokia, even offering a product with less features than others already available in the market. The key differential is: USER INTERACTION. The combination of touching and gesturing modalities on the user interface is so natural that people just follow their intuition when using the product.

However, there are still many things to be done. One year and a half has already passed since iPhone came out and none of the current competitors could develop that level of interaction. Therefore, extreme usability is still expensive and demands a lot of investments on research and the expected results don’t come fast. Fortunately, the revolution is running and in a short term we will see many facilities to develop a high interactive user interface. If you are interested on it, the OpenInterface project is something to observe these days.