Since my recent posts about the Extreme Usability Era (here and here), it was just a matter of time to find a good example on the web. A friend of mine, Leonardo Ayres, sent to me a link to the Amazon Windowshop, a virtual shop with an incredible navigation feature. You can navigate using a mouse, of course, but using arrow keys to navigate left, right, top, bottom and the space bar to zoom in/out, you actually have an easier and faster way to explore products.


This website was developed in Adobe Flash. However, every good designer knows that the usability is not about technology in itself, but the way designers use it to improve the user experience. To became a good designer, first we have to be a great artist and then produce art using technology. In parallel, we have to observe people and understand their common behaviors and needs. Finally, we realize how the art should be applied through the technology to help people on their computer interaction.