The roles that I’ve professionally assumed in recent years reduced the time I dedicate to practical programming at work. In normal circumstances, it would shrink my technical influence and expand my management practices. However, I avoid engaging in project management or product ownership initiatives to keep my passion for the craft of software engineering very much alive.

I release my serotonin on GitHub projects to keep my engineering skills sharp. In a curated list of repositories I go beyond my work experience and get my hands dirty in 5 different programming languages. Those projects contribute to community activities, knowledge management at work, knowledge sharing, event-driven monitoring, and life-style simplification. Here they are alphabetically ordered:


  • Status: Operational
  • Stack: Python, Django, PostgreSQL
  • License: MIT License

This is a voluntary work to help the organization of a flee market in Belgium. It can be used by any other flee market and they can count on my assistance if they show they intend to gather families or a local community. That’s the oldest project in this list, serving its purpose for 3 consecutive years.

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Brocante Registration Form


  • Status: Design
  • Stack: Elixir, Phoenix, PostgreSQL, Time Series DB
  • License: GNU General Public License 3.0

Controlato is the act of keeping things under control thanks to indicators that monitor events. It’s an old idea, actually implemented more than a decade ago, which I intend to revive in a more advanced technology. My wife is a data scientist and I count on her to help me on the design.

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Controlato Indicator


  • Status: Operational
  • Stack: Java, Spring Boot, H2
  • License: Eclipse Public License version 2.0

Digger is the youngest in the list, but it got a minimal viable product in record time, thanks to my desperate need for it at work. It helps to document tables, views, and columns of relational databases, using terms familiar to the business. Digger was named after a co-worker who never gives up when facing a challenge at work. She only rests when the problem is solved.

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Digger Column Documentation


  • Status: Operational
  • Stack: Clojure, Ring, Compojure, SQLite
  • License: Eclipse Public License 2.0

Klakes stands for Knowledge Lakes and was designed to organize the knowledge of organizations in consistent “lakes” of information. Each individual has a mental model, a particular way of making sense of the world. Two people can observe the same event and describe it differently, because they have looked at different details and made different interpretations. This natural characteristic of humankind makes extremely hard for organizations to build a common understanding of what they do, build and sell among all employees. Klakes is the answer for this problem.

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Klakes Knowledge Model


  • Status: Operational
  • Stack: Clojure, Ring, Compojure, PostgreSQL
  • License: Eclipse Public License 2.0

We recently moved to Toronto, Canada, and the move made us realize how many things we owned and didn’t actually needed. To better manage our stuff and minimize waste, we developed Minimily. It manages personal finances, documents, and home inventory. I keep evolving it as our personal needs increase.

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Minimily Inventory


All these projects are open source, free to use and open for contributions. Use those apps for your own good, explore the code to learn more about those technologies or contribute to share your knowledge for the good of others.