My name is Hildeberto Mendonça, father of two amazing kids and husband of a wonderful woman. I’m currently managing a team of programmers on the development of core business applications for the Université catholique de Louvain. I’m also busy with the architecture of the systems, coaching the team in Java, Python, object-oriented and functional programming, as well as planning and shipping releases.

I have accumulated experience on software architecture since 2010 with constant programming hands-on to master the principles and practices of software development in order to offer technical value for the team. Sometimes, I do not hesitate to fulfill the role of programmer whenever the team needs a hand.

I have a Ph.D in applied sciences on the field of electrical engineering. I took this degree as a challenge, which I achieved with great honor, but I’ve decided to follow a different path to pursuit my passion for programming. The reason was simple: research has a long time to market cycle and I wanted to solve real world problems in a daily basis, feel myself useful as frequently as possible. But research gave me three abilities that I’m proud of:

  1. resilience - I don’t quit, I have no fear, I do not hesitate. My Ph.D was one of the hardest things I ever did. Everything else seems easy to deal with, which explains my permanent state of optimism.

  2. reading and writing - I’ve read and wrote so much that I feel immense pleasure during my reading and writing sessions. By the way, I strongly disagree with a statement in the agile manifesto that says: “Working software over comprehensive documentation”. You don’t have any dependencies in your project without documentation, do you?

  3. problem solving oriented - problems are what keep me motivated. When solutions come, and they always come, I fulfill my need of being useful for others. Part of the solution for every problem is to influence our peers to feel the same.

Last, but not least, I love swimming! That’s my sport, the one that I spent years practicing when I was a kid and changed my life recently, when I decided to resume it after 20 years, leaving behind a sedentary life weighing 103kg to a healthier and stronger one with 15kg less. So, next time you ask me “How are you doing?” and I tell you “Everything is great!” you will know I’m telling you the truth, no matter the circumstances.

My Permanent Goals

Inspired by the book Deep Work, here are my permanent goals:

Personal Goals

  1. Keep family in harmony by taking actions to improve union, resilience and health.
  2. Educate kids intellectually, physically, economically and with humanitarian values.
  3. Run an organized, simplified, and cost-efficient household.

Professional Goals

  1. Craft well-written and organized programs that serves their purpose for a long time.
  2. Make sure the organization has enough information about my work so they don’t become too much dependent on me.
  3. Be well informed and educated to make the best technical decisions for every business context.
  4. Be kind, professional and positive with everybody, but also be honest when the situation requires.

This Blog

In this blog I typically write about software development and other topics surrounding it. Sometimes I try to explain things, mainly for myself, so I can repeat them later. But most of the time I analyse, compare and contrast to conclude giving my opinion about the subject.

After 10 years maintaining this blog, I can confirm my love for writing is consolidated. It is also spreading. For instance, it wasn’t the case before, but now I confidently believe that every software must have an up to date documentation. I try to write in front of my kids in order to influence them and I already noticed them trying to mimic their father. I also pushed my wife to revive her blog and now I’m afraid she will become more active than me overtime.

Kids writing

I love to write but it doesn’t mean I’m happy with it. I have been shooting in all directions so far and I think it’s time to focus. So, I’ve decided to direct my thoughts to help IT professionals to improve their technical writing skills. I talk about practices, tools and techniques, even programming to increase writing productivity. Overtime, it will eventually become more opinionated, but I hope to keep pushing you to write more, not less.

I wish you a good read!