This book tries to explain how companies manage to inspire their employees to follow their vision. It doesn’t criticize the usual way things are done but it definitely emphasizes the success achieved by some companies when they figure out and disseminate the reason they exist.

Reading the title is really all you need from this book. Don’t start a business if you don’t know why and take good note of the WHY so you don’t forget it along the way. That’s all. Really! There is nothing inside that explain it further. It just keep emphasizing the same idea over and over again with stories you already know (Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, and other usual suspects).

This book is written in simple English for people who don’t have the habit of reading. I doubt most readers have read it to the end. That’s a shame because there is a nice example of leadership in the afterword. Ok, ok, read the title and the afterword and I guarantee you that’s all the value you can get from it.

Why did I read it to the end? So, you don’t have to.