Satya Nadella, with the help of Greg Shaw and Tracie Nichols, writes about his career at Microsoft and his recent engagement as the CEO of the company. He has been at Microsoft for more than 2 decades, a rich career within the company but pretty discreet for outsiders. He took the opportunity to present himself and his personal story before jumping into Microsoft. He went through his growth up to achieving the position of the third CEO of a company with more than 40 years of history. By the end of the book he discusses the years ahead, the subjects Microsoft needs to engage to remain relevant.

Some critics say this book was written for Microsoft employees. I have to agree with them. It feels like a pretty long memo to transform the company’s culture. But it doesn’t make it a bad book. I liked it because it helped me to understand why I changed my mind about Microsoft, a company that is now more relevant to me than Google and Amazon was 3 years ago.

Microsoft used to be just about Windows and Office. Now, it helped me to find good jobs using LinkedIn, to code with pleasure using Visual Studio Code, to share my code using Github, and to entertain my kids with Minecraft. I still don’t use Windows or Office, but I’m a big fan of Microsoft Teams and a daily user of Azure. It shows how Microsoft has radically changed for good.