When I got the role of team lead, the first thing I said to my new team was: “Our relationship starts today with full trust in each other. I believe you 100% from day one. “ It sounds precipitate, but I was just being vocal about how we all feel when we meet strangers. That’s what this book taught me right away: When most of us meet strangers, whatever they say we “default to truth”.

If there is a book in the entire world that every single person must read is “Talking to Strangers”. It opened up my eyes for so many things! Do you know those people who analyze body language and micro facial expressions, claiming to know how the subject is feeling or thinking, if they are lying or telling the truth? It turns out they have a very high probability of getting things very wrong. Some of these people even have certifications based on existing protocols. Well, it seems to be just another money catching technique that I’m now immune from.

After reading this book, you will never jump to conclusions anymore.