First of all, I’m back to my blog after some days of writing vacations. I’ve accumulated a lot to tell you here and I plan to do it slowly and without any chronological order. This restart as a blog writer is naturally zen, nothing in a hurry and getting back to the normality in a couple of days. So, I decided to start with my experience of going back to the CEJUG administration.

CEJUG is a Java User Group of my state in Brazil. I left the administration in January of this year, when I was overloaded by several projects and I couldn’t take care of everything at the same time.

However, at the end of May I finished some projects, getting some free time, then I decided to subscribe in the CEJUG mailing list again, just collaborating with technical discussions. I realized some administrative problems going on and I knew I could help somehow. Then I asked the counsel to get involved, they accepted and I started managing the mailing list. Contributing for the organization of my JUG was so valuable for me that I decided to get more responsibility and I consulted the community about the possibility to go back to the CEJUG administration and be JUG Leader again. They approved my request and now I’m gradually organizing many pending tasks.

This time, we are getting more involvement from the community, which are directly helping on many important tasks. We also got great news in August that Rafael Carneiro decided to join the CEJUG leadership again, after several months dedicated to personal projects. He was responsible for the great series of events promoted by CEJUG during 2007 and 2008, transforming CEJUG in one of the most active JUGs in Brazil. We aim to find new leaders to keep the CEJUG community very active for many years.