In less than one week after announcing our presentation at Devoxx’09, we are very glad to announce that our presentation about the Usi4Biz Framework was also accepted to be presented in the first SIGCHI Belgium Conference. While the Devoxx’09 talk will focus on technical aspects of the platform, the SIGCHI talk will focus on usability aspects of the methodology, since the SIGCHI’s public is composed of human interaction specialists and designers.

According to the SIGCHI website, the first conference intends to bring together researchers and practitioners working in the domain of human-computer interaction, including usability specialists, designers, computer scientists, etc. The general theme is “New Communities”, addressing the recent interest in building and supporting online communities. We are aligned to this theme in the sense that we see end-users as the main actors of business process transformations. We seriously take their opinion into consideration, giving them an exclusive channel of communication with other company stakeholders.

The figure below depicts a print-screen of the user interface support of the methodology. It is implemented in the Usi4Biz Platform and it will be demonstrated during the talk.


The conference will be held in Affligem, Belgium on Monday, October 19th, 2009. You can find more details in the SIGCHI Belgium website, where more details about the conference will be published soon.