This Monday, November 17th, we presented the Usi4Biz Platform at Devoxx and we are specially happy that the energy of this idea is as strong as the energy of this event and its 2,5 thousands attendees. It was the first time this idea was disseminated for the general public in an European level, since Devoxx is currently the biggest IT Conference in Europe.


The main direction of the presentation was about the tooling support for the Usi4Biz methodology, which has been developed for 6 months so far. To understand the purpose of the tool, we dedicated most of the time to explain the current problematic of usability on enterprise systems and why it is not going to be solved through traditional advances on the field of Business Process and Information Technology.

The challenge of business process automation is usually a concern of business and IT people, who give more attention to enterprise and technical aspects respectively, almost ignoring those people who actually perform processes by interacting with user interfaces of information systems. As a consequence, this gap of attention given to performers has been investigated by the HCI research community and our lab at UCL is proud to be leading this initiative by the number of relevant contributions to the field.

The feedback of the audience was also a sign that things have to change soon, expanding the current business + technology (BT) approach to the triple business + technology + human (BTH). How to do that? This is exactly one of the most significant contributions of the Usi4Biz Framework: managing links between end-users, user interfaces, user tasks and business processes, giving a detailed support for a clear and precise communication between all actors and artifacts involved in the triple.

Our Devoxx talk will be available soon on the website. For the moment you can check out at least the slides on the SlideShare website.