Let’s consider that you have to create a website with a dynamic presentation and you own a technology specially made for this purpose. Strangely, you do not use your own technology to make the presentation, but the technology offered by a competitor. Is it a recognition that your own technology sucks? Is there any other explanation?

Fact: following a link shared by a friend, I’ve reached an Oracle/Sun University sub-site that gives detailed information about the new Java Certification Program. This website was made 100% in Flash, an Adobe’s technology. You may know that Oracle/Sun created a technology called JavaFx to compete directly with Adobe Flex and Microsoft Silverlight on the rich client market. So, why don’t they use JavaFx instead?


Making a gross comparison, Oracle’s choice for Flash is like Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, using Power Point instead of Keynote to prepare his great presentations. Or Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, using MacOS instead of Windows (It’s possible by the way). Can you imagine Nokia’s CEO using an iPhone? Google employees using Bing? No. But you can see JavaFx’s owner using Flash. It is indeed a great recognition for Adobe, which was endorsed by a competitor as the best technology to present their products.

How would the JavaFx development community, who embraced the technology, feel? If the owner doesn’t fully embrace it, why would they do it? Maybe I’m not exploring the web enough, but I haven’t seen any website using JavaFx so far (I mean, without Sun’s sponsorship). I don’t know where the developers of the JavaFx technology can find motivation to keep working on its evolution. It has become a playground thing that people use to create demos and silly games.

Taking into consideration all benefits that HTML5 will bring in a near future, who will still consider the adoption of JavaFx in a long term perspective? This is probably the everlasting presentation language of the future. 😀