We are happy to inform that an article reporting recent contributions on Usi4Biz research was accepted to be published on the Business Process Management Journal. The article is entitled “Getting Users Involved in the Alignment of their Needs with Business Processes Models and Systems” and it was written to report the experience of applying the Usi4Biz methodology at Belgacom, the biggest telecommunication company in Belgium.


This work was possible thanks to the support of Amandine Lievyns, a UCL master student at the time, who had an internship at Belgacom and helped us to apply the methodology in some internal processes. Her master dissertation was about this experience and she could give a significant contribution for this article.

Usi4Biz has been applied in two large organizations and with this article we have completed the publication of each one of these applications in journals. The previous one was an article in JUCS, reporting how Usi4Biz was conceived and applied in an insurance company, which is part of a Belgian bank.

A complete reference to this article will be available in our research page, as soon as we have more information from the publisher.