In the book Deep Work, I’ve learned the behavioral aspect of concentration, but there is also the physiological one, which is the quality of chemical reactions in the brain!

Well, Head Strong is provocative. If you aren’t open to challenge your preestablished concepts you may find difficult to finish it. I have finished it because I like to test my ideas with people I disagree with. It is quite comforting to keep some of my beliefs, but it is also constructive to change a bit as well.

Reading Head Strong is like reading a programming language book. You enjoy learning a new language but you know that the book will be outdated soon due to the fast progress of the technology. In the case of Head Strong, the fast progress of science. The author is sure about things that may not be true anymore in a matter of years, months or even days.

The book is clearly selling a product called “Bullet Proof Diet”. The problem with diets is that even when we fell good with the results in the short term, we don’t stick to them for too long. This is due to the fact that radical changes are disturbing and depressing. Changes are more realistic when made in small and consistent doses over time. I remember one year ago, when I went to restaurants and didn’t even look at the salads in the menu. Nowadays, I look at the salads and ignore the rest. This is an educated change that built new habits over the period of one year. Anyway, the book is good because it’s informative, but we have to be careful about some fragile arguments since people don’t radically change in two weeks (unless they are forced or in big trouble).