Going straight to the point, the biography of Elon Musk will teach you how to distinguish who is committed to the vision of the company and who is not. It’s a narrative of his aggressive management style to the point the book also becomes a documentary about SpaceX and Tesla.

Entrepreneurs who use this book as a management manual, may make a huge mistake if they decide to adopt Musk’s management style as it is. It forces employees to do extensive working hours without fair compensation, personal and family time deprivation, suppression of ego and devotion to the vision of the company. They would have to have a breakthrough product with global impact, huge competition, and passionate customers to motivate young talents to give their soul to the company. It would also require the entrepreneur to be considered a rock star within and outside the company to inspire future talents and to suppress the ego of the employees, because nobody consider themselves better than their idols.

If you had the opportunity to read the biography of Steve Jobs, you will conclude after reading this book that Elon had far greater achievements and disruptive ideas than Jobs. Maybe you never had the money to enjoy one of his products the same way you are enjoying your iPhone, iPad or Mac to read this text, but you’re certainly breathing less of poisonous pollutants derived from fossil fuels and you now have hope that your grandchildren will have a better life in Mars if we totally screw up with the planet Earth.