Part of my time is dedicated to the Ceará Java User Group (CEJUG), a non-profit organization oriented to teach, share, and promote the Java Technology in Ceará. I’m one of the JUG leaders, who is responsible to coordinate many actions and represent the group out there. This voluntary work is the way that I found to help to develop my state, in Brazil.During the JavaPolis 2007, people asked me all the time where is my JUG. If I say “It is in Brazil”, actually, it is a bad answer because of the Brazilian’s continental dimension. I have to be precise all the time and say “CEJUG is located in Fortaleza, capital of the State of Ceará, an important state in the northeast of Brazil. We have many wonderful beaches and sun throughout the year!”. The part about beach and sun is just to convince people to visit Fortaleza one day. You can see in the figure below a Google map showing Latin America, Brazil in the center and a balloon telling where CEJUG is precisely.


We are one of the biggest and most active JUGs in Brazil. The biggest one is the SouJava in São Paulo, followed by DFJUG, Brasília, RioJUG in Rio de Janeiro, and CEJUG in Fortaleza. In 2007, we went to some of the best Java conferences around the world, which are JavaOne, Jazoon and JavaPolis. During the conferences, we try to send the latest news about the platform to our community, we make contacts with other JUG leaders and with important IT players, mainly Sun Microsystems.

If you like Java and live in Fortaleza, be involved in our Java community. It is free of charge! All we want is that you share your knowledge with everybody and attend our monthly meetings.