It has been 6 months since my DEA defense (June, 18) and I hadn’t blogged about that yet. Not because it wasn’t a great moment. It was, but sometimes I don’t like to promote myself here. However, December is the month that we spend more time thinking about our achievements during the year. At times when we really need an incentive, why not do it myself?

The picture below shows the moment when my DEA adviser, Jean Vanderdonckt, gave me a document that attests me as approved with great distinction in my DEA. This picture represents a lot for me because it shows my first concrete step in my academic experience in Belgium.


The title of my dissertation was “Web Services for Model-Driven Engineering of User Interfaces“, which is, basically, the definition and classification of a library of web services to manage an user interface definition language (UsiXML). I’m proud of this work because it was used as the technical basis for an European Project submitted by Mr. Vanderdonckt some time ago, and he just received the great news that the project was accepted at the European level. That’s great when you come from a distant city in Brazil to a well established and competitive country like Belgium and directly contribute to a great achievement as a foreign student.

Now I’m running in a new challenge, my PhD, but it isn’t time to talk about unfinished achievements yet.