A new year means change. Change is not only what Barack Obama promised to American people. Change actually comes from inside out and it’s always time to start it, better if we do that on January 1st (easier to control). So, I decided to start the year with some important changes in my life (as every year ;)) and this blog is actually the visible and public part of them.

If this is your first time here, never mind. Nothing is different for you and you can go further and read my previous interesting post on your right. But if you are one of those 25% of people that come back at least once, then you will notice some differences in the essence of this blog.

First of all, from now on it will be easier to find me out on the web. I’ve created a new short, beautiful and obvious address: hildeberto.com. Type it on your browser and reach me in seconds. The previous address was ridiculous (planexstrategy.blogspot.com). First because nobody knew what the hell is “Planexstrategy”, since I never posted anything about it. Actually, I started the blog thinking about writing a lot about “Planexstrategy”, but it never came out. And it isn’t now that I will write about it, thus I will keep it misunderstood ;).

Second, I changed my top picture. Yeah, it is more Gothic than the previous one, but I think this time I’m more relaxed. I put it because of the stairs. If you see it carefully, I’m right on the top of the stairs, which means that “I put my dreams on the top of the stairs and I finally achieved the top, where I’m getting some rest after a long and hard journey to achieve them”.

Last, but not least, I changed my slogan too. “Giving a chance to my words” represents better my new phase and this phase will be reflected through this blog in 2009. This is the year that I will spend more time writing than coding, which is a pity because the majority of my visitors come here because of my technical posts. I will keep writing them, but in a minor frequency and I didn’t forget the previous slogan, because I still think that “sharing knowledge is the best way to add value to it”. Therefore, you are always welcome to ask me your challenging questions at any time.

To finish, I wish you a happy new year plenty of achievements! Everybody deserves that and you are not an exception. 😉 Cheers!!!