After years reading technical books and scientific papers I finally stopped to read a novel (non-fiction) during this last three weeks. It was a hard decision to tell you about this reading through this blog, first because it is a totally different subject that I never discussed about before. Second, and the shaming one, this is a book written by a woman for the women public :O Ok, ok… it sounds like a man reading (and enjoying) the Marie Claire magazine, but, you know? It’s very useful to learn a little bit more about them in order to better take care of my own.

So, the book’s title is “Eat, Pray and Love – One Woman’s Search for Everything”, a New York Times best-seller written by Elizabeth Gilbert. It tells the real story of the writer, Elizabeth herself, a woman who had a family crisis, which collapsed in deep losses. She desperately tried to find out her recovery travelling through three different places in the world, which are, at the same time, totally different from each other and complementary in terms of human experience. Those places were Italy, where she found pleasure learning Italian and eating pasta; India , where she tested herself in an arduous and remote location for westerns using meditation as an instrument of strength; and Indonesia, where she finally found balance between pleasure and meditation.


It’s amazing when a book really proves to you that you were right in some situations and completely blind in others. It sounds like a self-help book, but this is not the real intention of the author. Actually, you turn it into a self-help book because it helps you to think about your own life when you read her self-discovering process.

I will not enter in more details about what I learned from this book because each person interprets it differently and I don’t want to influence your own interpretation. I just would like to say that, besides its psychological perspective, it is also very entertaining. You will laugh a lot and have fun with Liz until the last pages, where she finally finds the new, recovering, and definitive love of her life.