One of the things I really miss from Brazil is the Japanese food! – WHAT??!! Japanese food in Brazil?! :O – I’m serious! At least in my city, there are dozens of Japanese restaurants offering all kinds of Japanese food. They started around 10..12 years ago and we all thought that they would stay opened for a while only, since they were offering raw food for a culture of well cooked meal, but they have consolidated and expanded business through the years.

When we lived there, we went to Japanese restaurants at least 2 times a month to eat something like the picture below. A sushi boat with 42 peaces. It is too much, I know, but a small portion always lets us wishing for more.


For our surprise, some friends in Belgium invited us to a Japanese dinner. Wow! I couldn’t believe that we were going to eat something we hadn’t eaten for years! I think I was the first to confirm the invitation. This emotion was equivalent to the one I had in Portugal when I went to a churrascaria (a restaurant specialized in Brazilian barbecue), to taste different kinds of meats from Brazil.

The dinner was AWESOME! Delicious! So good like the ones I ate before. We also helped, preparing some caipirinhas and people really enjoyed it (at least, they asked for more!) We would like to thank our friends one more time for these great moments, which also brought great memories. I made the video below to register the occasion. 😉