If there is one thing that represents well the Brazilian soul and culture, this thing is our most known drink: caipirinha! There is nothing really special in the recipe of this drink to make it so unique. You just need sugar, lemons, and cachaça and mix them, pressing all the ingredients with a wooden bat in a common glass or improvising somehow with clean hands.

The secret is the quantity of each ingredient and this quantity is totally subjective, managed by the heart of the bartender. Look at these guys. The caipirinha they prepare must be great, but not because they have experience doing that, but because of their feelings represented by an authentic smile :). The meaning of this feeling is simple: “I want you happy and feeling good as I am, so I’m going to improve your mood through this caipirinha”. It is not actually said, but felt. You feel your mood changing when you start to drink it and you can be sure about that when you ask for a second one.


The main ingredient of caipirinha is cachaça. It is a traditional strong drink from Brazil, around 40% of alcohol. Of course you have all the freedom to drink it as you wish, but you will miss the Brazilian spirit if you drink it pure or alone. Why can’t you drink it pure? Because it is too strong and you will not find happiness, but the floor. Why can’t you drink it alone? Because you cannot find happiness alone. So, every time I give a bottle of cachaça as a gift I always advice: “This bottle is yours but never ever drink it alone.”. People don’t understand, but I insist without any further explanation. Now, I finally decided to explain it here.

The recipe of caipirinha mixes sugar with cachaça, reducing the alcohol effect to the body. Drinking it with friends will make you happy, everybody happy and their happiness will come back to you in double.

So, if you received a bottle of cachaça as a gift or you bought one, follow my advice: wait for a moment of good mood, invite some friends and use any recipe available on the internet. It doesn’t matter. What matters is how good you want to make your friends feel.