During some procrastination time that I gave to myself last night, I’ve spent some time exploring all posts that I have published on my blog since 2007. I’m talking about 105 posts, an average of 4 per month, which is not that much in comparison to other more popular blogs, but at least I’ve been quite regular over the years.

All these posts tell a lot about my research time in Belgium, thoughts, wishes, ideas, opinions, and much more. It’s so amazing the amount of experiences that I’ve shared with you, the feedback that some of you shared with me. Yeah! For me, post’s comments are the best part of this blog.

I remember how happy I was when my blog was 1 year old with almost 300 unique visitors per month. I thought: “Wow! 300 different people reading my ideas! It’s a lot of people!”. I wouldn’t expect that 2 years later I would have more than 1.400 unique visitors per month. Today, I’m having the same thought I had 2 years ago, since 1.400 visitors is a lot of people too ;). But I know that some of you are laughing because it is still a small number in comparison with other popular blogs, but I’m proud of each one of my visitors, mainly the 450 ones that come here more than once every month.

I wish I could share more with you here because each post represents only 20% of the full experience that I had. Actually, I don’t have any profit from here, making it more like a hobby than a responsibility. I even tried putting some Google advertising on the right, but I’ve got only 3 clicks during these 6 months of exposure, which means absolutely nothing :D. What makes it worth is the possibility to talk to myself, to talk to you like in a restaurant and the feedback I receive when I write technical articles, mostly solving basic problems that annoy a lot of people, and I receive comments from all over the world thanking for the solution I have proposed.

Now, I would like to conclude with a attempt of poem that stays in the subconscious of this blog:

I might regret but I don’t

I might regret doing things not related to my work just to solve other people’s problem, but I don’t because those things taught me many other things that I didn’t expect to learn.

I might regret starting my research so late, but I don’t because pressure is also part of the game.

I might regret allowing my love to spend several weeks far from home, but I don’t because it would be very selfish, these trips are great for her carrier, and I admire her achievements.

I might regret losing contact with some friends that I’ve made here, but I don’t because they proved to be more selfish than the friendly acceptable.

I might regret drinking and eating too much some times, but I don’t because Belgium has the best beers in the world, Europe has the best cuisine and I won’t be here for so long.

I might regret giving up opening a business in Europe, but I don’t because what I’m planning now will help a lot more people than I was planning to help before.

Last but not least, I might regret to be too much optimistic even not archiving many wishes I had, but I don’t because so many miracles have happened in my life, proving that optimism brings most of my wishes and what it doesn’t bring I also gain in terms of lessons learned.