I was visiting the blog of a friend, when I read a very touching story that he was sharing in his last post. The story was originally published in a newspaper in my hometown. So, I decided to translate the story and publish it here because I believe it’s good to spread this kind of message.

According to him, in the country side of Brazil, a redneck was talking so calmly that he seemed to measure, analyze and meditate about every word he was saying…

“Yeah… of all men’s inventions, the one that makes sense the most is the hug. There is no way of not enjoying a hug! Everybody, during a hug, participates a little bit…

When you are missing someone, the hug of someone else relieves you. When you are angry and receive a hug, you even feel ashamed of that bad feeling. If you are happy and hugs someone else, this person will get a little bit of your happiness. If someone is ill and you hug her/him, she/he starts getting better and you get better as well.

A lot of important and cult people have tried to understand why the hug is so ‘hightech’, but nobody has figured it out yet.

I have no clue too either! I would say that it was a nice spirit from God who told me that and I’m going to tell you what he told me: The hug is good because of the heart. When you hug someone you do a massage on your heart and the heart of the other one is massaged too. But this isn’t all. The real key of the biggest secret is:

When we hug someone, both get two hearts on the chest. So, sending a big and warming hug for you.”